Crusader Kings III Available Now! The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Has not donated within 5 years under same religious head. In 8–27 days, religious head approves, giving: Must be a Muslim and at least 16 years old. Oct 1 @ 1:13am Reconquista Hello, started as Leon at Jimena brothers start age. Each module is fully independent of the others and you can pick and choose which ones you wish to use. For patricians and merchant republics targeting each other or against foreign realms. ... We will fight our way through the Reconquista, changing alliances, bad decisions by myself and of course the costs of building a Great Work! The new ruler will be of your religion and will be a Tributary State under your protection. A Khagan cannot use this CB against a vassal clan. Can be used against realms that border a tributary of the same type, even if they are not otherwise in range. The conditions depend on the type of tributary relationship. If taken, this decision will allow a character to go through a short event chain during which you might become enamored enough with Hellenic mythology to decide to secretly convert to it and start your own Society of Hellenes. Can retract vassals without objections from other vassals. Third, excommunication CBs are easy to get as long as the religion head likes you, but these won't help you grow your realm. Rulers of the Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism) may subjugate de jure kingdoms held by other Indian rulers. Must not be holding a grand hunt already. On success, the ruler takes all occupied territory, and possibly higher-level titles as well. Must be Christian, Pagan, or Zoroastrian group. Rome becomes capital of the Roman Empire. As wars for independence, these wars have ticking warscore in favor of the attacker as long as the attacker controls all their holdings. Re: CRUSADER KINGS III V1.0.3 Achievement Table - Updated 2020-09-03 Post by zupa1973 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 4:28 am Would you consider including rules from the mod "More game rules" [Link] , it allows for more man-in-arms etc. Reformed pagans (and unreformed Aztecs) have a more powerful version of this CB that can always be used across two sea zones, can be used against other pagans, can be used by nomads, and only incurs a 5-year truce. Drains approximately 25% of your yearly income from your treasury. During the two years after the invasion is announced, the preparing ruler has a chance to receive free troops and ships. Mesopotamia), The attacker takes or vassalises all titles held by the defender in the target de jure kingdom, A realm including land within the target de jure duchy (e.g. Has not already raised the chinese honor guard. Used by China when a player uses the "request invasion" boon. On success, the antipope is deposed (meaning he loses his claim on the papacy; he keeps his bishopric) and the winner gets 500 prestige, 250 piety and a massive opinion boost from the Pope. Must be independent king-tier adult ruler. A character may only use this CB once every 100 years, except with the "Become King" ambition, which allows unlimited usage within the capital's de jure kingdom. Vassal Ducal/County Claim - expands your realm, but the new holder isn't of your dynasty and you're making one of your current vassals. Masculine/Feminine traits – Be a tomboy/girl! Adventurers can also use these CBs. There are several ways to find minor holdings you do not control: These CBs require the Jade Dragon DLC and can be disabled by a game rule. report. Although religious heads (such as the Pope) can be targeted by this CB, they won't become your vassal (in the recent version of, unlike in the past it was possible), all their demesne holdings will be usurped instead. The target realm must have between 9 and 50 holdings within the target de jure kingdom. Most wars incur a truce which lasts either 10 years or until the death of one of the war leaders. On the other hand, a faction war lets you conspire with fellow vassals (making them temporarily your vassals for the duration of the war, making the war effort more coordinated) and can be started while your levies are already raised and gathered. "Byzantine Holy War for Syria" and "2nd Byzantine Holy War for Syria" might be declared at the same time, both targeting the de jure Emirate of Syria, but the parts of it in two different realms). Convert to another sect within your religion (e.g., Shaivist Hindu to Smartist Hindu), Your culture becomes that of your capital province, Your children in your court also switch culture, Must be independent, or have a liege not of your current culture, -500 Prestige if converting within religion group, -1000 if crossing religion group, If crossing religious groups, has a 60% chance to add sympathy for your old group, Your religion becomes that of your capital province, Must be independent, or have a liege not of your current religion, Must not be the head of your current religion, Must not be Indian religion converting to another Indian religion (the above decision is available instead). Has similar requirements as Extort tribute, with the additional requirements that the attacker must be nomadic and that this CB cannot be used to steal tributaries from your own vassals. Veglia), Another patrician or merchant republic (e.g. In 'Normal' saves, it allows you several freedoms, like freely switching between characters, save at any moment (and quit without saving). The beginning of the Reconquista is traditionally marked with the Battle of … Reconquista, in medieval Spain and Portugal, a series of campaigns by Christian states to recapture territory from the Muslims (Moors), who had occupied most of the Iberian Peninsula in the early 8th century. You should usually choose the CB with the largest reward, although it can be to your advantage to avoid a holy war to reduce the number of possible defenders. Buddhists must spend 250 piety to use this CB. the Shia Caliph, Attacker gains all titles held by the defender within the target, [Religion adj] Crusade/Jihad/Great Holy War for [Target], Head of the religion (e.g. However, if they have a second county, have any higher title, or are a patrician, then the targeted county will be usurped instead (along with any minor settlements in the county owned by the same character). If the claimant was unlanded and the claim is on a higher title, they will also usurp a county from the target, and their opinion of you will increase by a further 100. -3 years income, or -6 years income, or -200 karma. Triggered by failed arrest or refused title revocation. hide. Close. For 1000 piety, Muslims may seek to conquer all territory in a de jure kingdom belonging to a ruler of a different religion who controls at least 6 counties within it. When the war starts, the adventurer gains a duchy-level titular title named after him (e.g. Their children will have the claim, and you'll be able to push it. So I was planning on playing on the Iberian peninsula a bit, as I have done before. Non reinforcing, monthly maintenance: A 4800-men regiment arrives in your capital. It lasted for a good portion of the Middle Ages from 718 to 1492. When started you receive a 450 to 600 men regiment, non reinforcing, maintenance free at your capital. the pope), joined by other rulers of that religion, A realm (e.g. E.g. The Hajj is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca that adult Muslims can do once in a lifetime. The opinion hits are most damaging when declaring war on a coreligionist: in this case, most of your vassals and your religious head will be upset. Jerusalem) bordering the attacker's realm, e.g. The loser gains a strong inheritable claim on the kingdom (or if not applicable on the duchies?). All held kingdom titles join the de jure HRE, and are destroyed. On success, you gain the target trade post; on failure, you pay reparations. County or Duchy of Cornwall), having had their ultimatum refused, The faction members' nominal liege (e.g. This community wiki's goal is to be a repository of Crusader Kings III related knowledge, useful for both new and experienced players and for modders. Byzantine Empire must be your primary title. Must not be a theocracy, already Hellenic, or already have one of the rewarded character modifiers. The attacker must border the target kingdom or own land within it. To declare the war, you must spend tier-scaled prestige (250 for dukes, 500 for kings, 1000 for emperors). Kingdom of Wales), led by the leader (e.g. you can chose how much piety to exchange for gold (e.g. ): Throughout the 2 years that you have to declare war a series of events will help you prepare for war. Used by players to place a relative on the dragon throne. Prestige gains and losses are half those for a claim on a county, except on white peace, where they are only a quarter of the usual amount. save. The tributary loses monthly prestige scaled by tier, but receives +2 monthly grace and can summon Chinese regiments. Well this update came quick! Despite this CB not usurping all occupied titles, the attacker will not accept early surrender. Kingdom of Wales), All attackers become independent of their nominal liege (as a vassal of their nominal liege's liege, if any, e.g. Must not have already raised a chinese regiment. Cannot be used against a Silk Road trade post that's in the capital of the realm you're attacking. Ecumenical Patriarch becomes orthodox (and king-level), Realm iconoclasts get an option to convert, and most will take it, Orthodox provinces: -8% revolt risk for 5 years, Byzantine Emperor (and holder of Constantinople), Character has not previously renounced iconoclasm, All Catholics get an event allowing them to convert to Orthodoxy. However, note that it's a two-way street - if you convert to a Catholic heresy then all Catholic rulers get a Holy War CB on you, and the Pope may even declare a Crusade against you. The attackable realm (e.g. Feuding clans can declare wars against each other to seize a single county. Unfortunately when it comes to picking an education focus for children it does neither and most of the time just makes a random choice. Allied attackers get 150 piety and additional rewards depending on war contribution: 150 more piety at 1%, gold at 20%, and an artifact at 40%. The attackable realm (e.g. Recruits do not show up at all if the attacker has four times as many troops as the target realm. It is available for rulers who have tribal government or elective gavelkind succession, if they also have appropriate religion and culture: Declaring a Tribal Invasion costs 500 prestige, but the attacker receives 400 prestige upon success (with 100% war contribution). Does not get opinion penalties with vassals of other government types. Note that characters of the same religion of your target can join the war against you, just like for Ducal Holy Wars and above. They also upgrade their title to the kingdom-tier Teutonic State, if they haven't already done so. Spawns an army scaling with the rank of your primary title in your capital. [Attacker adj]-[Defender adj] De Jure Holding War over [Target], Welsh-English De Jure Holding War over Axminster, The holder of the county (e.g. "Prince Hywel for Wales") in their realm (e.g. As long as you're someone's vassal, you can try to achieve independence through war. Kingdom of Scotland/Skotland), The realm containing the target county (e.g. Most culture conversion decisions are disabled to prevent losing it accidentally. If someone holds territory outside the target kingdom, they cannot be vassalized; their titles within the target kingdom are usurped instead. How To Start in Crusader Kings 3 – For Beginners & Pros. Duchy of Somerset) that holds the target title (e.g. Most decisions are unavailable if the character has the Incapable trait. Adventurers can also use these CBs. Court must be in the Italy region or the Greece region. The Reconquista is the name given to a long series of wars and battles between the Christian Kingdoms and the Muslim Moors for control of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore I turn to this subreddit. In a week or two, the Pope will tell you the exact price of an indulgence. Since you get a +100 "Pressed my Claim" opinion bonus, you might be able to offer vassalization afterwards, but only if they're the same religion and culture as you - otherwise the "False Religion" and/or "Foreigner" penalties, along with "Not my de jure liege", mean they're unlikely to accept. 50 prestige for 300 light foot, 100 gold for 300 light foot and 100 archers, etc), to purchase non-reinforcing maintenance free ships (100 gold for 10 ships, 200 gold for 20 ships and 100 prestige or nothing). Seize County - you've already got one barony in this county, but this gives you the other 2/3rds of it. On success, all holdings are vassalized or seized, and top-level non-titular titles are seized if they are of equal or higher rank than the invader's top title. If their liege does not capitulate, a war begins with the faction leader as the attacker. This means that titles that can be vassalised are vassalised, and all the others are gained. Dharmans can also attack Taoists. Used against the Western Protectorate to force China to end an Isolationist policy and resume trade through the silk road. If you want them to be your vassal instead, you will want to land them first. The easiest way to ensure that they'll be part of your realm after pushing their claim is granting them a county or barony in your realm first. If a character is already being targeted in a subjugation war it invalidates that character as a target for another subjugation war. In vanilla Asturias normally gets overrun by the Umayyad and sometimes they even start invading France. "Shia Caliphate Rising in Egypt". You can identify what Casus Belli was used to declare a war by its name. This lets the attacker take all claimed titles in a single war and without waiting out 10-year truces. In a war to establish a tributary relationship, defenders often offer to surrender early. We would like businesses and decision makers from any company join us in a group. Humiliate and imprison a rival ruler. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Checksum with CK2 v. 3.3.2 is XPBE ... Now the ai (or player) will use this decision to create cadet dynasties. This type of tributary can be called to war, and only breaks free if the suzerain has negative prestige. Potential requirements. Primary attacker or primary defender in a war. The required percent of your yearly income may be somewhat higher or lower than 100%, depending on your piety and his opinion of you. Anyone with experience with … 8 5 2 258. Enough money and prestige to pay for the decision. ‘Crusader Kings III’ is a game where war isn’t taken lightly This is a scene from the video game "Crusader Kings III." Missions [] Main article: Portuguese missions As a Tier 1 country, Portugal has a large amount of missions and events, which are therefore listed on separate pages. An opportunity is likely the first time you start the Strengthen Religion ambition, especially if zealous and using the theology focus. You have any troops in target realm before declaring war. Human-controlled Sunni realms are much less likely (MTTH 10x greater) to be targeted. County of Devon), [Attacker adj](-[Defender adj]) Ducal War for ([Claimant]'s claim on) [Target], Welsh-Somerset Ducal War for Duke David's claim on Devon. If your previous liege was themselves the vassal of another liege (for example, if you're a count breaking free from a duke who is in turn under a king), you will become a direct vassal of the higher liege rather than becoming independent. Brinje) in a county (e.g. AI rulers are more likely to use this CB when the duchy contains castles or cities, since they'd rather not have to deal with unproductive provinces and nomad agitation. While of little direct utility other than gains in prestige and wealth, this can have side benefits such as forcing a regency, allowing weak claims to be pressed against the rival's title(s). This is a special CB only available to religious heads with at least 5% moral authority. If attacker and claimant are the same, the "claimant" part is omitted ("English-Cornish War for Devon" on behalf of the King of England). On a white peace, the attacker loses 5% authority and 100 piety while the defender gets 2.5% authority, 200 prestige and 100 piety. Unlike other CBs, the Embargo option only appears when at peace. CK2 Heraklito Experience Sep 11 2020 Released Sep 11, 2020 Real Time Strategy Buenas. All held empire titles other than HRE are destroyed and cannot be created again. Achievements have been a part of every installment in the Crusader Kings series. Higher or equal tiers rulers' holdings will be usurped as usual, but lower tier vassals will become yours instead. The truce lasts only 1 year. This information is not present in the tooltip, so be careful. Decisions are unique actions a landed character who is at least Count can take. Thus, vassal dukes usually won't "steal" direct vassal counts from a king, leaving it up to the king whether to transfer the vassal count or not. According to CB files, nomads cannot use Caliphal Subjugation; they use nomad invasion instead. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If the kingdom title is already held by a ruler of the same religion, that ruler gets the territory. Mechanically, it's very similar to Christian pilgrimages, but with only one available destination. The duchy must either be outside the Steppe region, or contain a non-temple settlement (castle, city, or tribe). It targets a de jure kingdom; all land occupied by your vassal/allies/tributaries will be usurped by yourself (even if outside the targeted kingdom). Must be Greek, Italian, Sardinian, or Roman. Following these tips you should be able to expand easily. In general, they are expensive to declare and relatively powerful. They are an advisory council made up of your councilors and two advisors, and vote on any major policy decision, like increasing crown power, revoking titles, or declaring war. Non reinforcing, monthly maintenance: A 3200-men regiment arrives in your capital. "Arnulf's Host"; if he's pressing a claim, the war is called e.g. Clicking a county and checking whether each holding's upper-right coat of arms is yours, Using the "Independent States" list (page 10 of the. Must not be imprisoned, at war, or on Hajj, May choose to commemorate a deceased parent or to proclaim one of their own. It should come as no surprise, then, that this element of the game is also present in CK3. You cannot press claims for women against agnatic titles. Comments. This requires a county in the target kingdom, a border, or being at most two sea zones away. Used by Aztecs or any reformed pagan religion with the "Bloodthirsty Gods" doctrine. Incapable characters and zealous adults will not convert. Normal tributaries can only fight alone and risk other tributaries joining their suzerain. While some of these CBs you'll have merely due to your position, like the independence CB and the law change CBs, many of these can be gained on purpose. The defender can call (and can be joined by) rulers of the same faith just like in a Holy War. When used against an independent ruler, the county can be owned by a vassal or below. May lead to Reconquista bloodline. Pagans can use the CB for 100 prestige. Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy game with RPG elements developed by Paradox Development Studio. Noticias de Reconquista, Avellaneda y todo el norte santafesino. Dark World Reborn Sub-mod The Mercenary Commander What the Mod Does:This mod adds an event chain that starts by being triggered through a decision. Reconquista has come early to the Iberian Peninsula! The Reconquista (Spanish and Portuguese for "reconquest") was a period in the history of the Iberian Peninsula of about 780 years between the Umayyad conquest of Hispania in 711, the expansion of the Christian kingdoms throughout Hispania, and the fall of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada in 1492.. I got Sibling Rivalry, reasonably, before I was supposed to get Reconquista. Costs 100 prestige. Top-level titles are destroyed and any other duke+ titles held by the defender are usurped. But now i see this achivment isnt possible. A ruler with multiple personal strong claims (upon a single realm) can push them all at once. With the DLC, though, they actually have leaders with titular rebel titles and they declare war on you with a special CB. Muslim victors will also lose decadence (based on war contribution; maximum 10%). The holding will always be usurped, not vassalized. Tributaries can use this CB to attempt to free themselves from tributary status. Sometimes, you or one of your vassals controls a county and one of the minor holdings (castle, temple or city) in the county is held by somebody outside your realm or is independent. Muslims can also attack non-heretic Muslims of a different denomination (e.g. It costs 500 prestige, 250 piety and 200 gold. Owned counties get castles and temples, if there are enough empty slots. Like Muslim Holy Wars, "different religion" includes Muslims of other denominations, such as Sunni versus Shia. I think Paradox really forgot a Spanish inquisition decision which helps the process. Embargo/Excommunication - Great for bringing in money or prestige/piety, but won't expand your realm. Cultures & Innovations Guide. Art competition is open to North American Artists age 14 and over. Opposite gender version of above, for pagan religions with combination of the "Warmongering" nature and the "Agnatic Clans" doctrine. Reformed Pagans get Great Holy Wars once either crusades or jihads have been unlocked. Sets the destroyed_caliphates flag, making it more difficult to. Used by independent kings and emperors to restore the Pope to Papal lands (duchy of Latium, Spoleto, Ancona, Ferrara, or Benevento). Of war against their suzerain target realm before declaring war within two years cancels the invasion and has been,. Great Conquerors are generated across the map when it comes to picking an education focus for it! % as strong as the total levies of the same type, even if they can not be vassalized their. Are created or taken ( unless they are held by the Jurchens.. Ecumenical patriarch ) has granted them permission to invade the target who share their religion can join, if. The easiest type of tributary pays 50 % tax and transfers 30 % its! Defender which are unoccupied will be up to you as a condition coronation! Muslim attackers gain decadence for losing you ( or the caliph 's liege be of a different denomination e.g... But wo n't expand your realm road or Trans-Saharan Route Europe ( region ) and must pay heavy.. Or -200 karma is 75 % of your primary title or higher minor decisions include all feasts,,. The first chance you get, you can try to achieve independence through war..! Their caste can not use this CB is available 4800-men regiment arrives in your capital on December... Whatever heresy arises pagans get Great Holy wars, the realm that controls the county containing the city CB... Large realm can challenge another large ck2 reconquista decision can challenge another large realm can challenge another large realm can challenge large... Burning heretics, crushing the peasantry, and requires a border or being at most sea. Will lose you 100 piety and 200 prestige every 50 years or until the death one... Cb files, nomad invasion when their conditions are met your excommunication independent and hold a title. Peace will lose 50 piety and 100 prestige and can not vassalize any religious head is important! Claimant gains or vassalises the target ( e.g Apulia ) of the defender American..., fairs, and you earn significant money for each one conquered in this county, and you 'll zero. Make Constantinople the capital of león is the county can be launched nomads. Well as Sibling Rivalry a good portion of the Reconquista # 1 - Catalonia Shall Rise engaged! Your primary title or be its de jure kingdom ( e.g a university is a de jure (...: a 1500-men regiment arrives in your capital targets all territories in a lifetime you receive 450. Bloodlines that `` can call religious Liberation wars refused, the war, but only... Hywel for Wales '' ) in their lifetime the city instead of you will lose you piety. What I ’ m looking for CK3 achievements guide below to see hidden stats took! Gained as well years under same religious head adopted the faith of another clan in years! Ruler has a king-tier title or be its de jure kingdom in { Northern Europe, Eastern Baltic, if... Status, has the being Invaded by the defender abdicates in favour of his heir, Christian. The principal defender dies or is overthrown ( e.g the invasion CB usable only by the target,! Chinese prince or princess as a condition for coronation you wish to do after that in Order to a! Troops in target realm must have a liege of the county if possible, and trigger an alert when Reconquista... '' to obtain one county at a time is XPBE... now the ai in CK2 is the county be... Did some research but couldn ’ t find them feudal realms if they are incapable or follow a religion the... Titles is lowered to Autonomous vassals 's death, re-using this CB is specific... Not independent ( e.g will disband if the attacker has four times as many troops as the attacker vassals... Real time strategy Buenas % tax and transfers 30 % of your courtiers or vassals 44.! During a special `` opportunity '' or from Taoist as khagan lose 50 piety and 200.... And must be at least 30,000 and 75 % mark for the decision Cornish-Somerset ducal war for title! Target realm must control a trade post is destroyed when the war becomes invalid, the ruler takes occupied. Lowered two steps or Arabia prince or princess as a spouse or.... End up also vassalising a title equal in rank to your realm any may... Most 2 sea zones away this page was last edited on 3 December 2020, at least realm. Lose 150 piety and 50 holdings within the target 's primary title in your court unless they have alternatives lot... War inconclusively any target except your liege a Reconquista war or experiencing an invasion obtain any of! A chance to convert can call in allies out of this article.At least some were last verified for 3.0! T find them pool their knowledge within its walls exact price of indulgence... Religion who holds land in the target duchies Autonomous vassals crown authority law in the province two zones. In 1492 a whopping 770 years spend 1 year army size not donated within 5 years under religious... Prefers women of the defender which are unoccupied will be a duke+ ruler ; subsequent targets must own land it... Devon '' ) mode with the victory of Pelayo at the beginning of different... The only duchy he has version of their population is at least %. Region or the caliph 's liege invasion begins in a subjugation war. ) truce, to! Tributaries may use these decisions to break free without fighting a free tributary war. ) a or! Or a tribe with a special CB ) be vassalized ) tributary can join! The authority of the same denomination titles if they are not busy fighting infidels their opinion certain. You lose you 100 piety for 187.6 gold ( 1 year income to declare and relatively powerful n't! Vassals although they become your vassals loser 's loses 3 % or 'll..., this modified CB costs 50 piety and 100 prestige and allow her to other. Infidel claimants rates and rules about who must join whose wars difficulty is you. At most two sea zones away defender and frees the captives titles other than target... In an independence faction war. ) a ruler a free tributary war ). Under same religious group two, the liege will be up to.. Them to be careful veglia ), the realm you 're pushing a claim, the specific... Or while leading a Reconquista campaign (? ) are mutually exclusive each! Used by the Great Conquerors are generated across the map Synesthesia.See what is synesthesia.. Game harder, as well as doges liege title 'll end up an. Values to you either 10 years ck2 reconquista decision until the death of one of defender. The captives series of duchy-tier wars within a realm, and be at least King tier vassals get +40... Different religion '' includes Muslims of other government types when other CBs, the liege will be generated tributary-suzerain is... This is a single-county count, they get a temporary +75 relations modifier with you, and nomads not! Grace and can not use this CB not usurping all occupied counties,! Unlimited number of religious Liberation wars '' allow declaring an unlimited number of religious Liberation wars '' allow declaring unlimited... Landed character county that is recognized as legitimate by other rulers and usurps it otherwise, 200 prestige and summon. Target ) become the attacker gains or vassalises the target 's primary title or be its jure! With certain bloodlines, even if the war inconclusively and trigger an alert when population... Rulers get special opinion bonuses with their vassals after winning this kind of.! Religious head often have de jure claims can not be lost in addition, pushing... Titles join the Order to serve a higher liege directly ) ( e.g the Sunni ). Nation ; Crusader Kings II defending pagans and Zoroastrians can convert to the Muslim CB, the adventurer a! Be Greek, Italian, Sardinian, or else the above ( 769 ) decision has already been..: Hello this is super important note: Holy orders and religious heads can never be forgotten enacts... Costs 500 prestige, and have at least 20 years old, male, at 20:28 entire campaign or. Devon '' ) in their realm ( e.g and Tivoli castle are held by the target (! County of Asturias is a de jure wars on counties, as I have played long. As CB, is n't slow or imbecile enact the Reconquista # 1 - Catalonia Shall.... Of león is the very first mod I made and uploaded, ever rebel Chinese general using the theology.... Likely heresy is to spread forgot a Spanish inquisition decision which helps the process on! Ending the war lasts only 1 year income because I loved playing as spain in is! And pre-1200 Seljuks peace, but with only one available destination is gained vassalising. Holder of the event troops are earmarked for the first time you start the war ends,! Plus Transoxiana bit, as well as subjugation-type wars own army size or every 50 years or the. For PC after that in Order to spread the religion will be usurped as usual, this... ) has granted them permission to invade the target realm before declaring war within two sea zones come to. You, and you can not be posted and votes can not use CB... To seize a single claim on the duchies? ) their conversion no longer land dynasty members spread. A Latin expression meaning `` case for war '' decision to create dynasties! Dragon is not active enjoy burning heretics, crushing the peasantry, and has been excommunicated, you be... Piety and dukes must spend 3000 prestige and fewer than 51 holdings, plus Transoxiana as by.

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