using System; public class Program { public static void Main() { var person = new Person { GivenName = "John", FamilyName = "Doe" }; Console.WriteLine(person.Name); // John Doe } } public class Person { public string GivenName { get; Write a function which tests wether a certain number is in the range (2,17), Write a java program to create a arraylist of students perform sorting based on roll no and name, write a progam to take the hour munite and second components of two times of a day and find out their difference (assume the latest time is given first). How do you manage that it Typescript? CSS is being used to hide three items on the index.html page (two
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    element). Suppose we need to add a function to the person object later this is the way you can do this. error: The method assertThat(T, Matcher
    In your class: this.myGroup = new FormGroup({ firstName: new FormControl() });. usage: [-h] -i IMAGE error: the following arguments are required: -i/--image An exception has occurred, use %tb to see the full traceback. Koa and her best friend move in turns and each have initially a score equal to 0 . IN/EXISTS predicate sub-queries can only be used in a Filter: inbuild method to sum of an arraylist elements in java, index.js:1 Warning: Failed prop type: The prop `expandableRows` is marked as required in `<>`, inline scripts encapsulated in