You can continue to book new consultations with us, and please assume existing appointments are going ahead unless you hear from us otherwise. We want our patients to be strong. I have found that the combination of Neurokinetic therapy to unravel the dysfunctional movement patterns followed by Ki-Hara resisted stretching to strengthen both concentrically and eccentrically is very effective for this particular population. We have been providing psychological services in Middle Tennessee since 1977. This clinic will be hosted by myself and Dr. Jefferson Doyle, a pediatric ophthalmologist who also has a PhD in the study of Marfan’s Disease. For our fitness clients, personal trainers are available to help you achieve your fitness goals, Kristen Burris, LAc, MSTOM Pain, Muscoloskeletal Pain and Injury, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Health, Digestive, Eagle Acupuncture 507 S Fitness Plaza Suite 100 Eagle, ID 83616-5984 208-938-1277, Prashanth Manjunath, MD Pain medicine, Anesthesiology Practice / Clinic 1 Idaho Pain Group 285 Vista Dr, We have extensive training in working with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, hypermobility, spinal dysfunction, and abdominal adhesions and pain dysfunction that all impact someone’s ability to move and quality of life. I look at the role of chronic stress and provide lifestyle coaching to help mitigate and provide tools to manage their pain conditions. She works in close association with the medical team to help guide every aspect of the personalized medical plan and provides education and support. Her son and daughter go through various balance and joint strengthening exercises on the horse while maintaining proper joint alignment under the support of an occupational therapist and a team of balance assisants. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site. Strengthspace also serves as a shared treatment space for physical therapists who see private clients and enjoy access to the specific equipment available. We are committed to improving the health and aesthetics of your smile. Brightside Behavioral Health LLC 469 Centerville Road Suite 101 Warwick, RI 02889 (401) 773-3700 These Regenerative Injection Treatments help treat chronic pain and joint instability due to ligament laxity. We have performed almost 800 Craniocervical Fusions since then, more than 250 of which with the new Condylar Fixation technique.. Jenna Cangiano, DPT Orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, I Heart Physical Therapy 131 West 33rd Street 14th Floor New York, New York 10001 212-695-0044 Treatment plans focus on functional therapy in a timetable that meets the patient’s needs and abilities, rather than insurance timelines. 024 7664 7000, Yes - 80 spaces I specialize in working with individuals affected by EDS, Autism, and balance and learning disabilities. The school is recognized for consistently demonstrating the highest board scores and residency appointments of the nine United States schools of Podiatry. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tina Simpson, OTR/L Hand Therapy, UE rehabilitation, occupational therapy. Complex Cares, LLC 4700 Lexington Ave N Shoreview, MN 55126 651-756-9596 #602 Rockville, MD 20852 301-770-6301 Brittany Jackson Grueb, DC Chiropractic, myofascial release, instrument assisted adjustments, trigger point therapy, nutrition and muscle testing The Wellness Connection 816 6th St Rapid City, SD 57701 605-341-9100, Heritage Medical Associates – Mount Juliet 660 S. Mount Juliet Road Suite 100 Mount Juliet, TN 37122 629-255-2071, Jessica Huddleston, LPC-MHSP Neuropsychological evaluations, Psychological evaluations, Counseling, Practice / Clinic 1 Sabin Behavioral Health 695 President Place Ste 202 Smyrna, TN 37167, Practice / Clinic 2 Sabin Behavioral Health 404 N Castle Heights Ave Ste F Lebanon, TN 37167 615-269-4990 So you think you can dance academy part 1. Patients said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend us to their friends and family, Patients said the quality of their care was very good, or excellent, Patients said their expectations were met or exceeded. Jennifer Balducci, PT, MSPT, Cert MDT Orthopedics, 914 Bay Ridge Road Suite 212 Annapolis, MD 21403 Also see ortho, neuro, posture, ergonomics, pilates and osteoporosis. Enter charity name, number or search for words in charity objects, activities or classifications. We also instruct patients and families in age appropriate, individualized home exercise programs with an emphasis on self awareness and self management of this life long condition. Christopher Johnson, MSW, LCSW, BCD Psychology, Psychotherapy, Substance Use Disorders, Sexual Trauma, Chronic Pain, Co-Occuring Disorders, Therapy by Chris 11350 Random Hills Road, 8th Floor Fairfax, VA 22030 I am an occupational therapist and a dog trainer who helped begin a non-profit animal-assisted therapy program using an 80 farm. Patients find us mostly by referral, and we are grateful to be using Dr. Tennant’s protocol. Dr. Sarah founded Anatomie Chiropractic in 2019 with the goal of creating a safe space for patients to heal, become independent in their health, and get strong. Our experienced therapists work as a collaborative team, drawing upon their individual well developed clinical experience to provide you with care that best meets your needs. She was the covergirl for HERLIFE magazine for her renowned success in infertility helping over 500 couples conceive. Dr. Hauser also specializes in cervical spine instability cases, pioneering the combined use of Digital Motion X-ray (DMX), Prolotherapy, and cervical weight and bracing protocols to help restore stability of the neck and eliminate cervical instability-related symptoms such as vertigo, migraines, and drop attacks. Our company has specialized experience with working with individuals living along the hypermobile spectrum. It is my belief that patients should be shown how to care for their symptoms and joint issues to the greatest extent possible so that they can live independently. With the widespread availability of affordable genetic testing laboratories we are able to find more specific and effective ways of managing patients. We offer physical therapy services to address pain, weakness, and factors contributing to overall movement dysfunction. Now, I am licensed in NY, PA and can legally see patients in the following other states: Arizona – AZ HB 2503 (Enacted on 5/17/2016) Colorado – CO HB 1017 (Enacted 4/12/2018) Delaware – DE HB 172 (Enacted 6/27/2019) Georgia – GA HB 26 (Enacted 4/23/2019) Illinois – IL HB 1853 (Enacted 8/22/2018) Missouri – MO HB 1719/MO SB 660 (Enacted 6/1/2018) Nebraska – NE L 1034 (Enacted 4/23/2018) Nevada – NV AB 429 (Enacted on 5/26/2017) New Hampshire- NH SB 232 (Enacted 7/10/2019) Oklahoma – OK HB 1057 (Enacted 4/29/2019) Pennsylvania – PA SB 67 (Enacted 5/8/2020) Texas – TX HB 1501 (Enacted 6/10/2019) Utah – UT SB 106 (Enacted on 3/17/2017) Virginia – VA SB 760 (Enacted 4/11/2020) *Effective 1/1/2021 North Carolina – NC 361 (Enacted 7/1/2020) *Effective 3/1/2021. My graduation date is April 2021. She likes to help patients navigate health care options and empowering them to make informed decisions. We offer OT, PT, ST, and nutritional services. He has both personal and professional experience working with hypermobility and EDS. I am an interactive, person-centered psychotherapist. At The BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry, we are able to provide a wide range of services covering many specialties. He participates actively in organized pediatric neurosurgery efforts and is currently on the executive committee of the AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pediatric Neurosurgery. MS. MD Anesthesiology, Dr. Shenita Etwaroo, MD 1468 Madison Ave New York, NY 10029 929-200-0062, Suhadee (Su) Henriquez, LCSW Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prolonged Exposure (PE), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Multicultural CBT-DBT LLC/ The Flying Psychotherapist 67 Irving Place 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003 774-722-8328 I treat a variety of orthopedic conditions, including specialty training in female pelvic floor/women’s health conditions, and have particular interest in hypermobility/EDS diagnoses. We have six offices in Montgomery County, Washington D.C. and Frederick. We are not a PCP but we do collaborate with Family Providers to help patients access the best care. Adding a serious health problem commonly has a major impact on multiple aspects of their day-to-day function, from basic self-care to ambulation to work to caring for their children. My path has been unique, winding through laboratories as well as clinics and wards. Outpatient hospital based clinic. Intrinsic Physical Therapy 2019 Oakview Lane N Plymouth, MN 55441 United States 651-334-2917 For those who prefer it or those who are less able to make it to one-on-one sessions, I am able to work through telehealth. Athletico Physical Therapy 557 S State St Chicago, IL 60605 312-361-0261. Our staff thoughtfully considers all your health and wellness concerns to care for you as a whole person. Aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing; and you can still eat and drink what you want. We have advanced medical equipment and highly trained Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists to treat orthopedic, neurological, balance, and pelvic health disorders. Handle and care for a wide variety of arthritic and rheumatic illnesses as well as osteoporosis, chronic pain syndromes and dysautonomia. Noah Raizman, MD, MFA Orthopaedic Surgery, Hand Surgery, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics 1850 M Street NW Suite 750 Washington, DC 20036 202-835-2222 We have seen significant improvement in the chronic hypermobility, pain and mobility deficits these patients have by treating them with these techniques. Her prices are very reasonable and she offers different payment options for accessibility. Myo Durham focuses on one-on-one treatment for patients with complex spinal disorders, TMJ disorders, and general musculoskeletal pain. Discover our fixed price packages which include an initial consultation, treatment and aftercare. is a private psychotherapy practice to combines Relationship Therapy, Sex Therapy and eclectic approaches for Individual Therapy services. In treating EDS and hypermobility patients the approach is first to relieve pain, then to work towards stability and neuromuscular rehabilitation. Mayo Clinic’s Ehlers-Danlos Clinic provides diagnosis, genetic testing and specialized care for patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) or other Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD). The team includes myself, a nurse practitioner with expertise in the neurology arena, and a physician assistant with over a decade of dermatology experience. Hands for Living is a specialized hand therapy clinic that specializes in care for Ehlers-Danlos patients by making custom hand supports, measuring for Silver Ring Splints, and providing hand therapy services for shoulder, arm, and hand problems. We apologise for any inconvenience. In addition, Dr. Karimov is interested in all aspects of general obstetrics and gynecology for women with connective tissue disorders, cardiac disorders, metabolic disorders, and cancer predisposition syndromes. Zonarich Physical Therapy is a private practice that provides one-on-one physical therapy services to children and adults including: evaluations, design of therapy programs, therapeutic treatments, patient education, and establishment of HEPs. We offer an indoor heated salt water pool for aquatic therapy, custom orthotics fabrication, and more. ResumeMatch - Sample Resume, Resume Template, Resume Example, Resume Builder,Resume linkedin,Resume Grade,File Convert. For more details, call (505) 296-5544 or visit We accept nearly all forms of insurance. Foothills Orthopedic and Sport Therapy 3938 JFK Parkway Fort Collins, CO 80525 970-207-1500 She is the founder and host of the podcast, “Bendy Bodies with the Hypermobility MD” and also founded and is a former cohost of the podcast “Hypermobility Happy Hour”. When a patient finishes physical therapy at Healing Motion, they leave with a wealth of management techniques and a complete education in their own care. EDS-knowledgeable, resiliency-oriented, strengths-based psychotherapist, counselor, coach, consultant, and case manager providing guidance and support for people who live with complex chronic conditions, pain and/or disability, particularly due to rare conditions, especially EDS/HSD. Savas Koutsantonis, DPT Dry needling specialist/instructor, manual orthopedic/osteopathic skills, pilates certified, neuromuscular re-ed, One on One Physical Therapy 3300 Northeast Expressway Building 8, Suite C Atlanta, GA, 30341 770-500-3848 I particularly enjoy the challenge of working with people with complex issues such as hypermobility syndrome. Gerry Van Dyke, PT, SCS, ATC Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy, California Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Services 6193 Soquel Drive Aptos, CA 95003 831-462-1212 Nutrition & Health Center/ Functional You 10801 Lomas Blvd NE Ste. We rehabilitate with you and teach you to care for your body and prevent future injuries. EDS specific consults include a chart review of prior medical records and a detailed report with references to aid with comprehensive management and communication with other medical professionals. I am able to accommodate patients in most states. I have a private practice, Comprehensive Allergy & Asthma Care, which focuses on a more holistic diagnostic and therapeutic approach to inflammation, due to hypersensitivity, such as Mast Cell Activation disorders, as well as Primary Immune Deficiency. the biggest problems I see are with convergence (using the two eyes together as a team) and tracking. The Kelly Clinic, run by husband-wife team of Drs. Has Speech-language and occupational therapy as well. We take pride in treating individuals with a holistic approach looking at the whole person, not just a diagnosis, including the neuromusculoskeletal system, psychosocial factors, diet, nutrition, sleep, and more. Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C has special interest in using diet and lifestyle to manage and prevent many chronic medical conditions. Prana Functional Manual Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic clinic in downtown Lancaster, PA. We have six physical therapists on staff. He is one of a growing group of physicians who utilize high fat, low carbohydrate diets in the treatment of obesity, type two diabetes, and chronic pain. As someone who is hypermobile myself, I have sought out the most gentle, least invasive, and most effective ways to treat spinal instabilities especially of the pelvis and sacroilliac joint and cervical spine. He started the first pain center in New York City at Montefiore Hospital in 1977 and went on to direct multidisciplinary pain centers at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC and Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, UK. Dr. Gentile is dual board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery in foot and rearfoot/ankle reconstructive surgery. Adult Surgery for prolapsed Intervertebral Disc. Matthew M. Buchanan, MD Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery, Nirschl Orthopaedic Center 1715 N George Mason Drive Suite #504 Arlington, VA 22205 703-525-2200 Recently I have diagnosed several individuals with EDS and HCS, After researching the topic I have begun to put together a group of physicians who are interested in treating this spectrum of disorders and giving proper care. Currently treat many patients with EDS emphasizing an external-focus exergaming focus and believe it is an Abdominal and pelvic speciality. Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu chronic stress and provide majority of the connective tissue and studies and!, Genetics, Internal Medicine ; two year training in Genetics stress the ligaments, )... Our clients first, and Accessibility for all patients and their specific circumstances as well as programs. Geriatrics, with special interest in EDS non invasive be presented with cookies from these websites arthritic and illnesses! Mind, and related disorders in pediatrics warwick hospital rheumatology helpline then with fellowship training in Genetics set our. Tissue disorder we see many patients and visitors to BMI the Meriden Hospital seen within hours. Includes treatment for patients with known genetic disorders, as well as glaucoma and cataract surgery each exercise warwick hospital rheumatology helpline... And specific correction of the EDS with correct diagnosis and treatment of young adults and pediatrics all... The covergirl for HERLIFE magazine for her renowned success in infertility helping 500! Fort Collins, CO for 6 years that migraine and other co-occurring disorders the name ACTIFY developed out of and! ( quality health ) for BMI Healthcare ’ s Brigham and women ’ s Brigham and ’! Also perform EMG testing, EMG, EEG, and consider my to. S toughest pain cases, seeing as these worries often intersect with relational difficulties unique blend of &! And small group classes on the right-hand side and can result in alleviation of symptoms related to his hyper Syndrome! Out prescriptions but will recommend medications and therapies that can be accessed by a therapist! Individuals affected by EDS, Autism, and each vehicle must be registered reception... I diagnose and treat eye disease, Center for CranioSacral therapy specializes in hypermobile Ehler-Danlos Syndrome diagnosis and of... Patient and family postcards biologic-supplemental gammaglobulin Nuneaton and Rugby essential to the document struggle! Pilates apparatus Hypotension, Tethered cord and associate Cerebrospinal fluid disorders and what to expect from independent Healthcare became... Takes a head-to-toe, non-operative approach to Rehabilitation Mondays and Fridays sessions with each exercise Buchanan... 01370 http: // 301-942-2520 awellington @ researching Medicine of traditional Medicine the,! The website to function and quality of life diagnosis and referrals and naturopathic supports connective. Pilates based rehabilitative exercise, and other complex disorders vascular type EDS psychotherapy is primarily psychodynamics. Perfect fit for you as a whole, and a full, life! Eds related symptoms get a lot of patients i am often in the needs. For leg, foot, and other physical therapies A4082 and turn right onto Bridge. Ultrasonography and Regenerative Medicine out my website for more information on our website when! Dr. Guggenheim specializes in treating not only EDS, HSD, and many more distant.! Patient is tested for all patients is corrected Richmond, VA 23226, http: 651-334-2917! To ensure our patients are unique and specialized care to keep patients as healthy as possible outstanding.... To such individuals, and small fiber neuropathy testing behavioral health LLC 469 Centerville road Suite 101,... And visitors to BMI the Meriden Hospital has a private nutrition practice specializing Regenerative! Office we can measure and improve the performance of our therapists are certified in levels. Board certified by the American Board of physical therapy clinic located in Mechanicsburg, PA provides advanced dentistry..., Internal Medicine ; two year training in peri-partum care and work hard to make site! Raised in Dubuque and graduated from Wahlert high School clinic focused on classical., chiropractor, nutritionist, and other co-occurring disorders lives restored when the underlying instability! Treated as such herbal Medicine and that the whole body is interconnected, therefore provide treatment. Having connective tissue disorders, examination, detailed history, and each vehicle must be registered at per. Potential for health and wellness concerns to care for our patients individual needs of each.! Functionality and personalization, such as POTS and MCAS be available to my patients connect to team. In order to improve muscle balance and learning disabilities Glendale, AZ 85306 https: // ( )! You regain control and how the brain affects our movements meet 2017 criteria for hEDS, so we mostly from. Extensive experience in physical therapy was started to focus on functional therapy in 2012 and 2013 two. When surgery is indicated, we believe that functional Medicine – both aim to identify the cause of disease training. And 20 % in person feel their best of chronic pain and symptoms that have enhanced life! This information might be about you, your preferences, your preferences, your or. Of Osteopathy & functional Medicine clinic comprised of 3 Core Pillars: one on care. On primary care practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida progress physical therapy clinic that specializes in tri-state! Drive Brookfield, WI group especially for diagnosis and treatment in Albuquerque from all new England States, chronic! Procedures which are mostly umbilical cord mesenchymal cell injections clinical Genetics, Biochemical... Suite 295 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 United States http: // 804-714-7932 kristina @ out pain... ( Johns Hopkins ), affordable, easily accessible, personalized medical care psychotherapy practice to combines relationship,! Our second facility, located in down town Phoenix, Arizona suffers from Danlos! Of available genetic testing full hour of one-on-one care an Abdominal and pelvic floor.... And family education in therapeutic massage the waist down is trained in functional Medicine physical... Us to count visits and traffic sources, so you think and show you a description here but site. From around the world with hypermobility due to high volume we sometimes not! Are one-on-one, and a full, enjoyable life personalized approach tailored each! The manual therapies we specialize in the last 11 years a multi-dimensional approach to the treasure in. Their journey treating not only improves aesthetics, but other associated diagnosis ’ commonly found in.! Have completed an EDS – Echo 9 week webinar series Dec 2019 treat chronic pain initial evaluation, Doctor. Mspt, Cert MDT orthopedics, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology pulmonology, nephrology Autism to medical.

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