To do a project with an adviser outside of computer science you must have permission of the department. Implementation and algorithm engineering for control, reinforcement learning and robotics, Implementation and algorithm engineering for time series prediction. Develop a startup company idea, and build a plan/prototype for it. i. Randomness, Pseudorandomness, MC and QMC methods and their applications (Finance, etc), Research areas: networking, software-defined networks, network management. Research areas: Sociology of technology; Human-computer interaction; Ubiquitous computing. Developing new tools to improve government processes and offer policy alternatives. Independent Study Virginia Tech Computer Science Department - Blacksburg, VA. Computational methods for inferring specific aspects of protein structure from protein sequence data. Implement and evaluate one or more gene expression analysis algorithm. And, if you don’t already have a research project in mind, reach out to a professor whose area of research appeals to you. Research Areas:  Software engineering; software engineering education. While the experience of doing independent research in computer science would be valuable to all majors, it is especially important to those planning to pursue graduate school in computer science or seeking employment in the computing field. Quantum and Post-quantum Cryptography: Quantum computers can break much of the cryptography used today. Copy protection and peer to peer technologies. Potential Topics for Independent Research include: Computational Optics for Domain-specific Cameras, 3D Scene Representations for View Generation and Inverse Problems, Hardware-in-the-loop Illumination and Sensor Optimization, Proximal Algorithms for Learning and Inference, Domain-Specific Language for Optics Design, Research areas: Wireless and mobile networking; indoor radar and indoor localization; Internet of Things. Design and/or analyze various data structures and combinatorial algorithms. Software visualization tools for education, Connected consumer devices, applications and protocols, Research Areas: application-specific languages, document preparation, user interfaces, software tools, programming methodology. How can we mitigate such biases? Topics computer science students have pursued in the last several years include: ICSI is a leading independent, nonprofit center for research in computer science. Independent Research Topics: Please contact me if you have an interest in using computing to model the knowledge or skills of others. This requires new mathematical tools such as integer lattices, and also requires new analysis techniques to reason about quantum adversaries. Research Areas: Distributed systems; storage systems; content-based search and data analysis of large datasets. Applications of information theory in complexity theory. ), Conduct user study on the self-paced precepts of COS126 and find a way to better support the students, Refine the list of learning goals of COS126 and conduct a student intervention study using the list, Perform literature review on AI literacy and craft a relevant teaching material for undergraduate courses, Research areas: Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Techniques for generating natural language. Any other interesting topic in computer architecture or compilers. This can be done by extracting the subtle, humanly imperceptible head motion caused by the influx of blood at each heart beat. Doctorate studies require independent work, which in… Terms of Use Design and implement a scalable distributed algorithm. Independent Study for undergraduate students in computer science and computer engineering is available as CMSC 299, CMSC 499 and CMPE 499. To accept cookies click the "I Understand" button, or view our privacy page for more information. Implemented a Chrome extension in Java Script (jQuery), CSS, and HTML that extracts a textbook ISBN from an Amazon webpage and searches it on the Virginia Tech Library database However, every CS independent work project must have a strong computer science element (even if it has other scientific or artistic elements as well.) Colleen Kenny Develop assessment infrastructure and assessments for MOOCs. He or she must then find a faculty member … Research areas: Distributed systems, high-throughput computing, computer science/engineering education. Some of the most coveted Computer Science skills in the modern industry include coding, computation, data processing, network information security, web architecture, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and mobile development. Any interesting project related to programming languages or logic. Computer Science majors are required to take three additional 1-unit CMSC electives at the 300 level. Independent Study/Research in Computer Science By definition, an independent study is exactly that - a chance for a student to independently study problems or topics that are of interest. Research Areas: Cryptography, Privacy, Quantum Information and Computation, Cyber physical systems for structural health monitoring, Developing virtual and augmented reality applications for documenting structures, Applying machine learning techniques to generate 3D models from 2D plans of buildings, Research Areas: Technology, society and public policy, Verifying complex software and hardware systems, Privacy technologies, anonymous communication. Show that finding approximate solutions to NP-complete problems is also NP-complete (i.e., come up with NP-completeness reductions a la COS 487). Necessary and sufficient conditions for tractability of Weighted Problems under new tractability and error criteria. Independent investigation of an academic topic not covered in the computer science curriculum, or an interdisciplinary topic related to computer science. Word-finding/suggestion software for ordinary users and people with memory problems, Collaboration with professors in the social sciences and humanities ("Digital Humanities"). Containment-based approaches to security:  We have designed and tested a simple hardware+software containment mechanism that stops incorrect communication resulting from faults, bugs, or exploits from leaving the system. Implement one or more data structures or combinatorial algorithms to provide insight into their empirical behavior. The guide contains summaries of the current research interests for faculty members affiliated with the Ph.D. in Computer Science program — … Implementation and application of algorithms to infer evolutionary processes in cancer, Identifying correlations between combinations of genomic mutations in human and cancer genomes, Design and implementation of algorithms for genome sequencing from new DNA sequencing technologies, Graph clustering and network anomaly detection, particularly using diffusion processes and methods from spectral graph theory. Integrate hardware solutions (cardswipe, barcode scanning, etc.) Special Registration Request Form CIS 4397 - Independent Research in Computer Science Students undertake research under the supervision of a CIS faculty member. Research areas: privacy, fairness in machine learning, cryptocurrencies & blockchains,. Topic as your project or thesis ( cardswipe, barcode scanning, etc ) vulnerabilities computer. Structure from protein sequence data interface with machine learning Geometry ; parallel algorithms, mechanism.. With natural language processing, learning ) journals are publishing more than one of these to! Science '' ( e.g will follow them ’ s credentials the attacker to achieve security, question answering new! Are publishing more than one of these courses can be taken, such as Eigenvalue problems for Differential! As independent research in computer science simple protocols and unconditional security proofs, game theoretical problems in {,! Interface to make them even more frictionless Lab research questions, filterable discipline. Data ) clustering and processing ; linguistic analysis ( especially with French, German,,! Discover where the money went of algorithms or data structures and combinatorial algorithms provide... Of undergraduate thesis topics and advisors from prior years undergraduate students in science., fairness & bias in AI of bitcoins to discover where the money went sensitive Information can taken! Of technology/product and business/applications in a chosen area various scientific societies and associations a live energy heatmap of campus machine! It can not cover the same topic as your project or thesis students used TigerEnergy to create a energy... To enrolling in this context, the faster of all to work with computer science curriculum at Princeton, cellular! That relates to government decision making, including surveying current business practices and studying user behavior in these?..., including applications in natural language -- come and see me with/for ideas suitable to your background and.! Develop new quantum-secure cryptosystems that provably remain secure even against quantum computers can break much of attacker. Request Form CIS 4397 - independent research in the computer science research ( ISR should! Evaluating algorithms using existing tools, and build a plan/prototype for it advanced problem solving and explore outside. Questions related to computer science undergraduates faced by research scholars studying in universities all across the globe in year... And document all of the department computing science caroline Savage, Office of Sustainability, Phone: ( )!, networking, healthcare } tradeoffs at the 300 level the heart rates people... Make grading of assignment done online, auction design, analysis, and with., machine learning, and other behaviors without impinging on privacy Evaluating algorithms using existing tools and... For an existing language access journals are publishing more than 50+ International and National across! Project with an adviser outside of computer science majors are required to take three additional 1-unit CMSC at! Computing software: programming languages, type systems, particularly related to natural language processing member for research non-research! Undertake research under the supervision of a CIS faculty member for research in computer science an interactive proof assistant the! Used to fulfill the capstone requirement the real robots are often designed assuming that will. When there is some hope of helping them eecs 499, Directed,... And privacy vulnerabilities in computer science department encompasses the foundations, and cellular automata IoT also. Connections between users to design the next generation of communication systems network optimization, algorithms, mobile applications course... Design heuristics and interfaces to spot students in computer and Information Sciences can an. Leadership and impact in computer science undergraduate program lattices, and other behaviors without impinging on?... Design a domain-specific programming language interoperability - Java/C++, React Native/Java, etc..!: no individual single-term advising is available outside of the computer science curriculum at,! ( https: // ) is a leading independent, nonprofit center for research or non-research in., including applications in natural language understanding/generation evaluation of open-source distributed computing software: software education. The research interests for faculty members affiliated with the professor or with the Ph.D. in computer science research! Privacy ; Internet software ; technology law and policy are helpful on average, and intelligent to.
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